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Bringing in the harvest in January

(A few - ok 7 - days late, but here's January's post).
We have been expanding our winter growing over the past 20 years, trying to keep up with the demand for fresh vegetables in the six months of the year that are not famous for producing much. At all. We have found that people enjoy eating all year, and our customers, accustomed to eating really fresh produce all summer, do not want to give up great taste in the winter. As a small farm, we scramble to grow as much as we possibly can during the standard growing months.
First we added row covers. Then low tunnels. Then high tunnels. Then a heated high tunnel. Then two heated high tunnels. And all of these helped, and we grew more winter produce than ever before. I have spent a lot of time studying daylight hours and nighttime and daytime temperatures needed for different crops to keep them growing and what crops grow best in protected winter conditions. And still the demand was ahead of us. Learning to grow in the winter has …