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Where has May gone?!?

May is almost over. I love May: spring has sprung, the flowers are fabulous, planting time is rewarding—you get the picture. This year, we started with lilacs blooming on May first and ended the month cutting lots of peonies. In between, we had sun, rain, thunderstorms, five days straight of rain, deluges of rain, threats of derechos and hail, cold and overcast, hot and humid. Never a dull moment!
Strawberries finally started May 21 (only about 10 days late, which considering how cold it was in April is not too bad!). Picking berries happens when it is dry, so we have been dodging the rain!
Fortunately, asparagus loves the rain and has been growing like crazy. And it is ok to cut asparagus while it is wet.
While it is raining outside, we tend all the plants inside. We are very grateful that we set up the second large heated house in the fall, which transitioned from lettuce to tomatoes by the end of the month. First, tomato plants were planted in-between the lettuce rows, staked and tie…