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What do we do in January?

January is a busy month for planning, planting, harvesting, and clean up for us at Highland Orchards Farm Market. I remember my grandfather walking around the farm, just thinking and looking. He would tell me he was remembering what had grown there and imagining what might grow in that spot the next year. Imagination! A great tool to use. We are fortunate to be able to draw on generations of experience to help guide us as we work.

The end of the year prompts review of crops: what was successful and why, what was not successful and why, what we want to continue growing, what we will discontinue growing.  This results in what seeds are started in flats in the greenhouse, what is planted in the ground in an unheated house (hoop house), and what will be planted later in the spring.  We have over 200 different crops to consider for the farm market and for our CSAs.
Winter care of plants is challenging, even though we are growing the cold-tolerant plants that usually thrive in winter. For 201…