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How to keep fruit fresh

This year has been very damp and the fruit is throwing temper tantrums. Here are some tips to help lengthen the shelf life of your fruit.

Peaches will soften in 1-2 days on the counter. To hasten the process, put them in a brown paper bag with a banana or an apple; watch carefully because they can go from ripe to over ripe very quickly. Use within a day or refrigerate. Use within 4-5 days from the refrigerator. Peaches will continue to slowly soften in the refrigerator and they will gradually dehydrate, so you do not want to leave them in the fridge too long. You are better off putting your peaches in the fridge, and then putting them on the counter to ripen rather than putting ripe peaches in the fridge. Do not wash your peaches and then store them - the water encourages rotting.  As we come to the end of the peach season, it is especially important to follow the above guidelines. End-of-season peaches will not get as soft as mid-season peaches. If you are waiting for soft pea…

What We Hope To Have in August & Spetember

This list is based on the weather behaving. If it is hot, most things will start later. Cool can mean later or earlier, depending on how cool.
ApplesBrussel Sprouts Cabbage Cantaloupe (more Aug than Sept)CarrotsCauliflower Collards CornCucumbersEggplantFigsHerbsKaleLettuceLimas!!NectarinesOkraOnionsPeachesPears - including Asian PearsPeppersPlumsPotatoesPumpkins (more Sept)RadishesRaspberriesScallionsSquash - summer and winterSweet PotatoesSwiss ChardTomatoesTurnipsWatermelon

Middle of Summer

A bit of what we've got going on this wet summer.