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Our Native Plants This Year

Here is a listing of the different native plants we'll have for sale this year, along with their ideal gardens and possible uses. 
Happy Planting! 
CropPlant TypeBloom SeasonPollinatorsLightResistsOtherAmsoniaPerennial NativeEarly to Mid SummerButterflySunDeerAstilbePerennialLate Spring to Early SummerBeePart/ ShadeDeerBasket FlowerAnnual Half HardySummerPollinatorSunBurgundy Shamrock

About edible flowers:

Herb flowers are from herbs like lavender, basil, mint, and thyme that can be eaten just like the rest of the plant.

Ornamental flowers usuallyfollow the petal-only rule: most come from plants where the colorful petals are the only edible part of the plant. Some plants are exceptions. Be absolutely certain before trying other parts of the plant.

5 Important Things:

1. Always know what flowers are edible before you eat them- be absolutely sure of the plant. If you’re unsure, steer clear! Safety comes first! Some flowers are not edible and can make people very sick.

2. Know the plant’s surroundings. A beautiful stand of edible flowers growing by the roadside may look delicious, but plants are very good at taking up toxins from the soil, rain, and air and storing them in their roots, stems, leaves, and flowers.  They clean the environment but may become harmful for people to eat.

3.  Similarly make sure you know that the place where you pick edible flowers was not sprayed with any herbici…